THINK3D is a dynamic Architectural Visualisation company. We are dedicated to providing our clients with world class visuals that ensure their designs are fully realized.

Our team consists of a unique group of people with a thorough knowledge of the architectural market and software used to create and render 3D images. However more importantly our process is guided by senior members of our team such as Corne von Bratt who has over 12 years of expertise in both architecture and graphic design ensuring that we provide you with a well rounded solution to any project.

What we do

At THINK3D we use the latest software to create stunning photo-realistic scenes. This process may have several different starting points. We are able to begin our work from digital 2D plans, Sketchup models, Revit models, AutoCAD and several of the other industry standard software that you may be using.  We then produce a 3d environment that encompasses the project and work with you to decide how best to show it in a scene or animation that suits your needs.

The important thing about THINK3D is that our broad skills base (Architecture, Photography, Graphic Design and 3D Modelling) allows us to analyse and understand your concepts and ideas and make sure that they come to the fore in the final images and animations we give to you.

Click on each Stage below to learn more about our visualisation process.

Think3D and the client discuss project prerequisites and scope of work. A detailed brief is generated which will include a proposed timetable to ensure we meet the client’s requirements.


Upon quote approval, a deposit of 50% is due to ensure we allocate time for the project as well as meet the project’s deadline. It is recommended the project be brought to Think3D’s attention 2 weeks prior to a designated start date.


We make contact with relevant parties to gather information required to start the project. This will include sketches, cad plans, sketchup models, revit models along with site photographs.

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The Think3D team will then begin construction of a 3D generated model and environment using the information received in Stage 3.
We light the environment and decide on the camera angle(s), sun angle and lighting mood which best describes your project. This is followed by the rendering of a WHITECARD for view approval purposes which gives the client an undestanding of mood and lighting and allows for adjusment of camera angle and time of day.


The client is requested to sign off the view(s) that have been selected.


We invite the client to indicate on a material mark up sheet the required materials and finishes. We then proceed to populate the scene and render the image.


The client is sent a post produced image along with a Mark Up Sheet. Comments are made on the sheet provided and returned to us so that any changes can be implemented. We allow for two rounds of changes before additional costs apply.


Once the final image is approved, a high resolution will be sent to the client in digital format. The images will then be signed off and invoiced.



We have a well honed understanding of how to deal with large projects. Our technical expertise are equally matched by the tools that we use. We employ some of the latest equipment in the industry to ensure we are able to undertake any scale of project and have it completed on time.


For our residential projects, the smaller scale allows us to pay particular attention to any customised details our clients might need. We are able to work closely with clients, architects and interior designers to ensure that scenes are portrayed exactly as they would be in real life.

Civil Engineering

Our images have helped many Civil Engineers and their client with the design and approval of large scale engineering projects. These projects can range from roads, bridges, dam walls and even solar installations. We also provided the service of Verified Views for planning approval and impact studies. We combine the photograph and 3d visuals with GPS surveys and CAD data to insure an accurate final image.

Fly-through animations

Fly-through animations bring any project to life and it is a fantastic selling tool to convince prospective buyers or tenants. We setup and direct the animations inhouse and depending on the scale of the project they are then sent overseas to our reliable US render farm. This decreases turn around time between us and our clients. Their powerful rendering facilities ensure the final scenes are ready for you when you need them. Final products will be presented in HD quality on an interactive DVD.

Additional Services

Our Studio

Corne-smiling-291x300Corné Von Bratt

Founder & Director
Corné grew up on the Garden Route, moving to Cape Town in 1998 to study architecture where he went on to win 2 national design awards.  With a multitude of architectural experience already behind him within practices in Cape Town and gaining leadership skills through managing projects in Namibia, Corné founded Think3D in 2009.  He had forged his niche within the field of 3D visualisation,  successfully combining his innate understanding of architectural design, photography and technology.  The vision was simple:  to create a vibrant, energetic 3D design studio, focusing on a very personal collaborative relationship with all clients, whilst striving for the highest quality product.

The Studio

The operational side of the business is situated in Gardens, in the heart of Cape Town’s vibrant city bowl.  It boasts stunning views of Table Mountain, a source of daily inspiration in itself.  Winter time provides us with sunsets where it is guaranteed no two are ever the same.

We are proud to have some of the top skills, creative vision and technical know how that the 3D visualisation market has to offer.  Always delivering with passion, efficiency and the upmost professionalism and approachable manner, we are a trusted partner and collaborator.   We produce some of the most innovative and high quality marketing material, providing an essential tool for architects, interior designers, developers and digital agencies.


Project Locations


Think3D undertakes work from all over the globe.  Please contact us for inquiries.